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Instructor I - EVOC/VKF/BBP Train the Trainer

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You may register for this class in the following ways:

1. Register and pay online for this class now through PayPal (no account required). If you register online you have to pay online and submit pre-requisites by fax to 865-688-7015 or by email to the State Training Coordinator at Brian at

2. Fax in registration form and any pre-requisites to 865-688-7015. You may call the office and pay with a credit card or include a Purchase Order number on your registration form with required signature.

3. Mail in your completed registration form, any pre-requisites and payment or Purchase Order number and required signature to the State Office.

If you have any questions on any college class registration, please contact the State Office at 865-689-3256.  

Date: 3/3/2017 through 3/4/2017
Location: Murfreesboro, TN

Price for TARS Members: $85.00
Price for Associate Members: $150.00
Price for Non-Members: $200.00

Description: The Instructor I course is designed to enable a student to teach a class from a prepared lesson plan. It prepares you to instruct the TARS basic squad level courses which include, Emergency Driving (EVOC/VFK) and Bloodborne Pathogens. A separate module on Vehicle Extrication is offered and if attended with in 1 year of the initial Instructor class the additional discipline class fee is offered at half price. Concepts of learning, communication skills, instructor’s roles and responsibilities, teaching techniques, and the use of instructional materials are also subject areas included.

Course Hours: 12

CEU's: 1

Minimum Enrollment: 20

Prequisites: These prerequisites must be turned in along with application:
• Letter of recommendation signed by senior officer of organization
• Must have a high school diploma or GED certificate
• Must have been a member of an emergency organization for three years (state this in the letter of recommendation
• Students shall be certified in squad level courses (EVOC/VKF/BBP) within the last two years.
• Must have current Certification in Advanced First-Aid, First Responder or higher medical level training
• Must be at least 21 years of age
• MUST maintain a current operator~s license
• MUST submit a copy of your driving record not more than 30 days old from date of application. You can do this online at OR at your local Drivers Testing Station.
**Any EVOC instructor who has their operator’s license revoked, suspended, or limited for ANY period of time, the instructor MUST IMMEDIATELY notify the TARS Training Officer. The instructor will IMMEDIATELY stop teaching and participating in all EVOC classes, and contests within the TARS, until the next Training Committee meeting.

Reference Material: VFIS Emergency Driver Training Program, TARS BBP Program and TARS/VFIS VKF Program

Directions: See Mapquest link below for directions

Food & Lodging: DoubleTree Hotel in Murfreesboro,Tn. Phone: 615-895-5555. A block of rooms has been reserved for attendees.


NOTICE TO ALL INSTRUCTOR CANDIDATES: As of March 25th 2011 the following changes have been implemented. As an EVOC/VKF/BBP Instructor for TARS you are required to teach and turn in appropriate fees and paperwork to the state office for at least one class every two years after becoming an instructor. Any instructor that does not teach a class within this two year window will be DISMISSED as an instructor from TARS. As an instructor you are required to attend re-certification class every two years.
Classes that are taught and not processed along with appropriate fees are not considered certified classes and are not valid.

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