EVOC / Vanessa K Free Act Compliance Training

TARS & VFIS are releasing the series of Driver Training Programs for compliance with the "Vanessa K. Free Act" in the following manner.

How can I get the training?
1. TARS will be offering the 3hr seminar in each of its 4 Regions on the first 4 Saturdays in February.  It will be presented at each Region meeting location from 1-4pm.  Full information on the specific location & costs of these region meetings is posted on the website under the "What's New" section.  This effort is designed to launch the program across Tennessee and give us a test run on the newly developed material as well.

2. VFIS of Tennessee will also be scheduling classes in various locations across the State in which multiple departments will be invited to send their personnel to take the seminar.  Such classes may be hosted by an interested department and a Certified Instructor will be furnished to conduct the class from VFIS.  These classes will be scheduled depending on demand and host availability.  Information regarding costs and scheduling should be directed at the local VFIS agency for your area or by email at vfisevoc@msn.com

How can we have inhouse Instructors for this program?
FRIDAY  begins at 6:00 pm (central times) – 10:00pm (approx for methodology)
SATURDAY  8:00am – 2:30pm (approx for EVOC/VFK)  2:30pm – 4:00pm (approx for BBP)

Fees: TARS member $85, Associate Members - $150, Non-TARS - $200
Instructor Materials: Available at the class EVOC: Instructors kit $60; VKF Instructor Modules (includes all 3) $125;  BloodBorne Pathogens Module $20  (If ordered later S&H fee will apply).

Application click for printable version: complete and mail in with appropriate fee.

4. Existing instructors certified as EVOC/VKF will receive part 3 of the VKF training program at the April updates which will be held the first four Saturdays in April in each of the corresponding TARS Regions.  The training materials packet will be available at those locations for agencies to purchase as well.  Locations and related info on these updates are posted under the "Updates & Meetings" section.  As you are aware, those existing Instructors are required to attend that bi-annual update and submit an annual fee of $10.00 to maintain that rating.

What are my agency's documentation options in the program?
5. The TARS squad & department level Instructor program is anticipated to be the primary delivery system for agencies that participate in the training that we offer.  To keep uniformity in the way that Instructors currently submit classes and fees for our longtime vehicle extrication program, the evoc program will basically mirror that in paperwork and fees. Currently that is $12.00 per student for initial (includes certificate & wallet card) or $5.00 per student for the 3 hour VKF program and includes wallet card only) Student CEU's will be awarded in the certificate process equivalent to contact hours for the specific program.  The only thing that we plan doing differently is sending an email reminder to the Instructor with a copy of their submitted roster on the one year anniversary date to repeat the class (and submit the renewal roster with any changes) since the law requires annual recurring training. 

6. For Agencies (single agencies only, not intended to be combined departments) wishing a means of compliance verification only, the following structure will be provided.  This system will apply to the Vanessa K. Free Act program only. Upon submittal of the appropriate roster & fee under the schedule below, an agency will receive an Agency Certificate and Certified Roster from TARS to indicate that agency has conducted training meeting/ exceeding the law. This record will be maintained on file for a period of up to five (5) years and the Instructor will be covered under the TARS liability insurance.  This program will require annual renewal of the record and fee. It will not include any individual certificate/or wallet card for the participant, nor will it award CEU's to the participant.  In the event part of the personnel wish to receive the certificate/card/CEU a separate roster must be submitted with appropriate fees as listed for that system signed off by the Instructor with the departmental roster.  Delayed requests for such certificates or from individuals that may have attended at some later date will not be honored.  The annual fee schedule for this Compliance verification program is as follows:

Number Members/employees

Annual Fee



$2 per person thereafter to a maximum of


The VKF Training program itself will be available for a cost of $125 to the agency. It will consist of a three module CD which will have the powerpoint program and options for student handouts, pre-test & post test, related downloads and links. A DVD will also be included on certain components related to the educational section of the program. The purchase of the package includes all 3 Modules at no additional charge. Individual Modules may be purchased for $50 each. As a note, Module 1 is on Intersections/Speed management; Module 2 focuses on Scene Safety/Driver Selection; & Module 3 is on Preventing Apparatus Overturns/POV Use.  All three modules will have some aspects that are repetitive to comply with the law's requirements but have a different educational segment so you will have fresh material to rotate from year to year when updating your personnel.  Any one module may be used in a given year to use as a tool to comply with the Statutes requirement.

We are very pleased with the quality and educational value that the program has.  It has taken a combined effort from VFIS of Tennessee, VFIS Corporate, and TARS officials to put this together and it has been well received with-in the emergency service agencies Statewide.

TARS has and will continue to recommend that emergency agencies adopt a practice of conducting a full 16hr EVOC course (which is to include one of the VKF modules as you select) as a baseline for new members and repeat that level of training every 4-5 years for all driver personnel. The 3hr package(s) being released will give a quality program that exceeds the laws requirements and provides recurring training in the interim years.

Benefits to the participating agency includes the opportunity to access a high quality course that meets required standards, a means of securing tangible personal evidence of having completed the program for participants i.e certificate &/or wallet card with CEU's for them as well (under the appropriate system, see item 5 above), a copy of the submitted roster being maintained on file for a period of five years by the TARS State Office to backup your agency copy, thereby providing another proof of compliance, and substantial liability protection for the Instructor who maintains their certifiation cand participates under the system thru TARS.

Thank-you for your interest in the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads.

Steve Carden, Director
TARS State Office

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